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  The New Zealand Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild

The Guild

The Guild is a non-profit organization which aims to uphold and raise standards of excellence in the piano service industry for the benefit of piano owners nationwide.

The Guild has an association with the Australian technicians' guild, the APTTA. There is a regular exchange of ideas, speakers and exam standards between technicians of the two countries, as well as regular communication with other international piano technician organizations and industry spokespeople.


Guild Members

The PTTGNZ maintains a membership list which is accessible to the public. PTTG members adhere to the ethical and technical standards set by the Guild for the benefit of both the public and the technicians.

You can see our list of members here.

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Frequently asked questions about tuning, the effect of climate, maintenance, voicing and regulating are answered in our special FAQ section

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For Enquiries Code of Ethics
For enquiries about the New Zealand PTTG, its members or its practises please contact the President Yuji Nakamura ARPT (email:
or the Secretary Brad MacClure ARPT:

pttgAll our members adhere to the PTTGNZ Code of Ethics. This document provides guidelines and standards that Registered Technician members are required to adhere to, both technical and ethical.

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